Employee engagement that will make you jealous!

One of the most difficult things for business owners and managers is to engage their employees in continuous improvements every day. Even the most advanced companies have struggled with this.
The problem is that companies focus too heavily on the tool side of process improvements. It’s actually more important how these tools are applied.
The secret is to focus on your employees and make them as successful as possible. When your employees are happy, they want to do a better job for the company. When they do a better job, your customers notice and are happier. Happy customers buy more stuff from you. Most companies don’t make this connection.
Rather than dictate improvements you would like your employees to make, you need to ask those who do the job day in and day out for their ideas, and help them implement them as quickly as possible.
Sadly, only a handful of companies have been able to break through and accomplish this.
One of them is FastCap, a small manufacturer of woodworking products and tools. The owner is Paul Akers, who has transformed his company into highly motivated employees that drive their own efficiency into their daily work.
Paul learned the culture of improvement from experts in the Toyota Production System. He wanted to share what he learned with all his employees, so he came up with a simple and easy approach that everyone in his company could understand and participate in, called “2 Second Lean”. Employees are encouraged to reduce time in their work by 2 seconds. That’s it! Who in your company would not be able to do that?
Luckily for all of us, Paul has documented and recorded his lean journey at FastCap on his YouTube channel and in his book. If you want to be motivated, inspired and amazed at their success, check out his videos at Youtube.com/user/fastcaptv
If you want help with the technical tools, check out our website at BIZ-PI.com.
If you want help engaging your employees, it starts with you! We would suggest watching at least 5 of Paul’s videos, and sharing them with your management team.


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