Variable and Attribute Gage R&R (3-hour Class)

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In order to make improvements, you need to be able to measure the problem correctly. One of the most overlooked aspects of improvement is understanding the validity of the data you collect. In fact, sometimes the process is good, but the data says there is a problem!

Can you consistently measure the problem, or are you adding variability into the data based on the measurement process? We will perform a measurement system analysis using a stopwatch in class, often called a Gage Repeatability and Reproducibility (R%R) study.

The same can be done with qualitative data, which is more subjective. Are you able to consistently categorize defects, make the same decision between employees, or separate good from bad? We will conduct an attribute agreement analysis with a class exercise using soda, to see how well you can tell flavors apart from each other.

We will use Minitab statistical software to conduct the analysis, but will provide templates with Excel for Variable Gage R&R analysis (if you don’t have the software).

Upon completion of the workshop, you will have a good knowledge of Gage R&R studies for both variable and attribute data.

Self-paced Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Course – includes Gage R&R Analysis

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