Business Performance Improvement (BPI) is a process improvement consulting firm that was founded in 1999 to develop products and services to help businesses improve in order to satisfy their customers and stakeholders.

Our mission:

Helping businesses and organizations achieve “triple bottom line” performance using Lean and Six Sigma

We are dedicated to helping businesses and nonprofit organizations develop a culture and discipline of process improvement that balances people, planet and profits. Read about our sustainability efforts >>>

We focus on practical, hands-on experiences, not weeks of training that provides no tangible benefits.

There are four key performance measures that must be evaluated at all levels of their organization:

  • Cost: How much is spent on people, materials, inventory, expenses and overhead costs compared to the value you provide? Are you considering the initial price, or the long term costs?
    We can help you improve value and reduce costs.
  • Quality: For the products and services you provide to your customer, how accurate and correct are they? Is it right the first time? Are you just “meeting specs” or are you maximizing customer satisfaction?
    We can help you improve quality and reliability.
  • Delivery: For the products and services you provide to your customer, how quickly are they received? When they want it, or when you tell them you’ll get it to them? Are you connected to their actual demand, or some forecast that is outdated and incorrect?
    We can help you reduce response and cycle time to deliver when the customer needs it.
  • Risk: What potential problems or situations might arise in the future, and how well are you prepared for it, or able to reduce the chance of it happening? Are you considering risks in your community or in the environment?
    We can help you assess and reduce risk.

We help you accomplish this by teaching you, your leadership and your lowest level employees to solve simple and complex problems, eliminate waste and increase value to your customers and stakeholders.

Our approach and model has been refined from hundreds of improvement projects and supplier deployments, integration of hundreds of industry-specific customer requirements, and checked against the failures of past improvement initiatives. As a result, our approach has created millions of dollars in financial benefits, cost savings, cost avoidance, and risk reduction.

We will provide you with industry-leading tools and training that you can get immediate and sustainable financial results. We don’t come in and cut valuable services and resources, we improve processes through waste elimination, so you can spend more time adding value to your customers and stakeholders. We provide the flexibility to adjust to the size of your business. Your company will see improvements that are positive for your customers and your company. A healthy company provides job security to everyone in your company!

What we strive to accomplish in your business or organization:

  • Defining and measuring the KEY areas of business performance into a scorecard
  • Developing data-driven skills to react properly to variation in the metrics (when to intervene and when to ignore)
  • Defining and identifying your top priorities for improvement (finding the hidden waste)
  • Effectively process and manage your biggest improvements and their “root causes”
  • Effectively manage changes that will need to be implemented, and develop the communications plan to ensure it goes as smoothly as possible
  • Driving employee empowerment to “ignite” a bottoms-up approach to identifying and removing waste, so they can increase their value
  • Ensuring the continuous improvement approach will sustain over time
  • Providing visual indicators to make new problems visible
  • Developing a company culture that treats problems as opportunities to get better, not a justification for punishment
  • Ensuring your customers are ecstatic by exceeding their expectations
  • Drive sustainable solutions that are good for your business (profit), your employees and the community (people), and the environment (planet)

Training and Consulting available in the following topics (if you are familiar with these terms): Statistical Process Control, Root Cause Analysis, Design of Experiments, Six Sigma & Lean, Quality Management (ISO), FMEA methodology (Design and Process), Key Characteristics, Control Plans, Process Flow Diagrams, Measurement Systems Analysis (Gage R&R), APQP, PPAP, and much more…

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BPI is backed with experienced practitioners from various backgrounds. We will align the right practitioner to your industry, company size and experience level.

We do not believe in a mass-deployment strategy, where training is given only to certain individuals to “solve all the problems” or simply “check the box” that a certain percentage of employees have been trained. We are focused on results, not the perception of results or progress.

We were formerly called Quality Management Systems Solutions (QMSS). We changed our name to BPI in 2014, to better reflect what we can provide: a holistic and practical approach to solving any business problem you have, not just quality problems.

Want more specifics? Learn about the services and training options we provide.

What are we doing to make a difference in the world? Learn how choosing BPI can allow you to support our sustainability efforts >>>

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Feel free to contact us if you have any questions, or would like a free consultation.


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