Personal Lean Course

Are you interested in learning and applying Lean to your specific job to save you time in your work week?

One of the complaints we get from people is that they would like to apply Lean concepts, but there aren’t any events taking place, or they don’t know exactly how it applies to their job. They also mention that their company or organization does not support process improvement.

That’s ok, you don’t need your business owner or manager to support you in order to be more efficient and effective at work!

We are launching a short Lean course that is focused on you and the work you do. We will provide training on Lean concepts, help you identify an improvement project, then mentor you through the project, so you can measure and share the time and cost savings.

You’ve heard the saying, “work smarter, not harder”? We provide the tools and process to get you there. Most approaches teach you how to do your tasks more quickly. We make you question the value of the task, and whether it should be done at all. If it is valuable, then we provide you with tools and techniques to make the work more efficient overall.

The goal of this course is to accomplish the following:

  • Learn about Lean and find waste in the work you do
  • Identify one of the wastes and calculate the time it takes
  • Work on a project to reduce the time by applying the correct tools and techniques to the problem
  • Improve and quantify benefits from the project
  • Share your success with others in the class and leaders at your work

Course Expectations

  • Attend the kickoff 2-hour training (See upcoming dates below)
  • Topics covered: Lean thinking, 8 forms of waste, 5 lean principles, and process mapping
  • Be open to learn and take constructive feedback
  • Work with instructor and mentor to schedule 2 follow-up mentoring sessions
  • Complete improvement project and report time savings to others (with certificate)

This course has no pre-requisite. Ideal for both experienced and inexperienced Lean or Six Sigma practitioners. Useful for individual workers, managers, leaders and executives, but it is expected that you will do all the work (not delegate to others). All industries and businesses can benefit from making improvements to your work. If you have problems that you want to resolve using a proven methodology used by successful companies, than this course is applicable for you. Contact us if you have questions or concerns about the class being a good fit for you or your organization.

The cost for the 4-week long course is $550 per person. Early bird pricing can save up to $100 off the cost (30 days prior to start date). Nonprofit organizations pay $350 per person (save $200 with verification).

Contact us if you are interested in this training program.


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