Don’t hire a full-time consultant and pay benefits, totaling over $100K per year per person!

Our network of consultants with numerous years of experience allows us to quickly figure out what you and your business or organization needs. We save you time by doing all the research, and staying on top of new trends. We are reading the latest books, listening to podcasts, reading articles and attending conferences. Based on our experiences, we have developed numerous templates, tools and training materials.

We can share our decades of experience, knowledge and materials with you, saving you hours of time and money! This is true even if we don’t include all the improvement events and projects we will be helping you implement.

After assessing your situation, we coach and mentor for your specific situation and industry, since YOU are ultimately in charge of the improvement program, not us!

The book, “The Toyota Way Fieldbook” suggests to the reader that they “go find a sensei (coach) to learn from and enjoy the journey!”

Let BPI be your “sensei” on your continuous improvement journey! Check out our rates and pricing below

Finally, we have a specific skill set around Lean Six Sigma and Sustainability that it difficult to find anywhere else. You might find other consulting firms that can teach the tools and coach you through an implementation, but will they adequately incorporate the people and planet into the program? We don’t believe companies will be successful in the long term if they are only focused on profits.

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In fact, the more we work behind the scenes, the more successful your organization will be with adopting process improvement.

We know what is effective, and what should be avoided, so you can take advantage of our experience to save you time and effort, so your deployment drives the most improvements with the least amount of investment and struggle.

Process improvement does not have to be a million dollar investment. We can “lean” out your improvement initiative!

However, if you’d prefer that we do most of the work, we can handle that as well. We’ll provide a plan that is effective, targeted, and sustainable. We can also help you interview and hire the right resources when you are ready for your own full-time support.

With consulting services starting at one hour per week, why pay for multiple full-time employees when you might not need them?


Most organizations would like to exceed the needs of the customers and stakeholders. To accomplish that, you need empowered employees to leverage the entire workforce. They need to be able to solve problems in their work area by learning from mistakes in a psychologically-safe work environment through experimentation.

We discuss this approach in our Lean Six Sigma Starter Kit, but let’s simplify it to the basics on this page.

This organizational change requires three key elements:

  1. Switch from authoritative leadership to servant leadership. Instead of telling workers how to solve problems, the leaders coach them on problem solving without giving them the answers. This is more respectful to the worker, which helps empower them. It also frees up the leader to solve bigger challenges and do more coaching. You will learn about improvement and coaching kata, leader standard work, gemba walks (go and see). This can be implemented using the Silver package below for 3 months.

  2. Workers need to learn how to see waste and improvement opportunities and resolve them. This can be done with a 2-hour Lean Intro course plus one improvement project per worker. Cost is $500 conducted virtually per class. As they advance in their problem solving, we can introduce them to more Lean and Six Sigma tools through virtual/classroom training and certification programs. If you’d like to have us manage an improvement project for you (with your team’s involvement), sign up for the Gold package for 4 months. If you’d like to have us facilitate a kaizen event for rapid improvement, consider a 2-day event or 5-day event below.

  3. The process needs to be able to identify problems quickly. This can be accomplished by visualizing the work and creating a team-led daily huddle to review progress against key metrics after each day. This can be implemented using the Silver package below for 3 months.

Still not sure where to begin? Let’s set up a call and talk! Contact us to schedule a call

Starter Package
1 hour per month
One-on-one private consultation via phone
Pay as you go
$150 per month

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Silver Package
1 hour per week
Private phone/video consultation
Free email/phone support (up to 2 hours per month)
3 month minimum (money back guarantee)
$600 per month
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Gold Package
4 hours per week
Private phone/video consultation
Free email/phone support (up to 2 hours per week)
3 month minimum (money back guarantee)
$2400 per month
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Accountability Package*
4 hours every quarter
On-site visit to review progress and strategy for next 3-12 months, and provide coaching to get your deployment plan on track
Does not include travel expenses (but can be done remotely)
$2000 per year
(only $500 per quarter)

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Lean Six Sigma – Group Coaching Calls – Find available dates on Eventbrite


Event/Project Coaching
Help you plan a lean kaizen event or complete a Six Sigma DMAIC project
Includes phone/video calls and email support (up to 3 hours)
$250 per project/event
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Training Package
1 Day on-site classroom instruction (plus expenses) or on-site Lean Six Sigma assessment* (plus expenses), or online training (no expenses)
Includes 1-2 hours of planning prep, and travel time
$1200 per day
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Gemba Assessment*
1-2 Day Lean Six Sigma assessment on your business
On-site evaluation of your processes and work flow (detailed or high level)
Deliverable of observations and suggestions for improvement
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2-Day Event Package*
2 Day Lean Event
On-site event facilitation
Includes phone/video prep work and follow-up consultation (about 2 days worth of time)
$4,000 per event
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5-Day Event Package*
5 Day Lean Event
On-site event facilitation
Includes phone/video prep work and follow-up consultation (about 5 days worth of time)
$10,000 per event
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LSS Candidate Hiring Support Service*
Help you fill an open process improvement position
Help review resumes, interview candidates and make objective recommendations for your open Lean and/or Six Sigma positions
$2,500 per open position (multiple openings allowed)
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ASQ Green Belt or Black Belt Exam Preparation Course
I will help prepare your employees to pass the ASQ exam. We will meet weekly for 2 hours at a time over 16 weeks. Each session will be split into two parts. The first part I will introduce the new section and go through some of the harder practice exercises. In the second part, employees will be given time to read the section, take the rest of the practice questions, and ask questions of me.
Note: Does not include the cost of study booklets or reference books.
$3,500 per company (unlimited participants)
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Monthly Recurring Payments*


Select Package
Company or Organization

Other Coaching and Mentoring Rates*

  • 15-minute phone consultation – FREE
  • Hourly Coaching
    • $150/hour (less than 32 hours per month, or one-time small projects)
    • $125/hour (32 hours per month or more, or ongoing support of 6 months or longer, or organizations with a social mission like not-for-profits, B corporations, public sector, and sustainable/green businesses)
    • $100/hour (nonprofit organizations and NGOs)
  • All other consulting needs, daily rate = $1200 ($1000 for not-for-profits and government agencies, $800 for 501(c)3 nonprofits)
    • Need 2 or more consultants for larger events or multiple projects? $1000 per day per consultant

*does not include travel costs if on-site consulting is required

Not sure what you need, or have questions about our packages? Feel free to contact us with questions and we’ll respond right away!


Want to learn more about Lean and Six Sigma tools, and apply them to an improvement projects? Check out these low-cost online courses and certification programs



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