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Split testing website marketing messages with Minitab’s Chi-Square % Defective comparison tests

Six sigma techniques have expanded beyond traditional manufacturing companies, into healthcare, movie industry, government and now online marketing. Split testing

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determining sample sizelow volume manufacturingMinitabpower calculationsample size calculationsample size calculatorsmall sample sizesmall sample size statisticsstatistical testszero defects

Zero defects does not mean the problem is solved

One of the common mistakes made by companies is the assumption that the lack of defects means the problem has

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ANOVAchartsconfidencecontrolcorrelationdesignDOEexperimentsgage R&RgraphshypothesisMinitabMSAqualityregressionSix SigmasoftwareSPCstatisticstraining

Online statistics training from Minitab has great animation and examples

Minitab statistical software is one of the most powerful and popular programs around, especially for those in the Six Sigma

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