Eco Business Efficiency Booster to Reduce Time by 50%


Struggling to catch up with inefficient work and complex processes, or need to free up resources in your organization or company, so you can spend more time with your clients and customers? Download this FREE 14-page PDF document

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Are you trying to have a positive impact on the environment,  but caught up inefficient work and complex processes?

Need to free up resources in your organization or company, so you can spend more time with your clients and customers?

There are articles every day that highlight the lack of resources available to protect our environment…

“Oregon has the highest percentage of expired state-issued [wastewater] permits nationwide. Most of the state-issued permits polluters operate under have long-passed their original expiration dates — in some cases by 20 years or more. This means these permit holders have to be in compliance only with laws that existed when their permits were written, not with current laws…according to DEQ’s current backlog count, 63 percent of existing state-issued permits for releasing stormwater and treated wastewater directly into streams and rivers are expired” – Underwater: Oregon’s agency responsible for monitoring waterway polluters is the most backlogged in the country


“The sheer volume of development permits involving tree removal has taxed the limited staffing with the expertise in tree preservation, protection and planting. It has also meant the city has had to skimp on the funding education and outreach necessary to help Portlanders understand tree policies and help steward the urban forest.” – Stumptown redux: What to do about Portland’s loss of trees

We have developed an easy 6 step process based on the principles of Lean and Six Sigma. This is ideal for environmental consulting firms, environmental non profit organizations, environmental government agencies, environment safety and health (ES&H) managers and engineers, Facilities managers, and eco-friendly businesses owners and employees. This will help you quickly improve your workplace efficiency by reducing task times by 50% or more within 3 days.

The 6 steps are:

  1. Prioritize: Determine most time intensive tasks in your area
  2. Assess: Document current process steps and metrics
  3. Identify: Observe and brainstorm inefficiencies and waste
  4. Dream: Envision a better process with less waste and frustration
  5. Commit: Identify 3 actions and complete within 3 days
  6. Reassess: Ensure improvements have positive impact on metrics

“By getting process activities and procedures to function smoothly and consistently, agencies free staff time to focus on higher value activities more directly linked to environmental protection. While successfully implementing Lean requires hard work and commitment, the results can be impressive.” – Lean: Excellence in Government

Download the FREE 14-page PDF document, called Eco Business Efficiency BoosterTM

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