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The calendar below shows our current list of public instructor courses we offer. We do not display our list of private courses with our clients.

July 2024


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Why choose BPI for your training needs?

Whether your initiatives are on a small scale (at the individual team level), or larger scale (at a company-wide level), it is important to teach your employees how to APPLY Lean and Six Sigma concepts to their work, not just learn about it.

BPI has identified the simplest and most critical tools that can be quickly learned, quickly applied, and most importantly, show quick results.

These tools are simple, and do not require a Ph.D. in Statistics to learn, understand, and apply. But most importantly, when disciplined use of these tools are mandated, they become highly effective towards solving problems.

Since we can’t provide all the training options and flexibility you might need (what do you need to consider for training), we have partnered with SixSigma.US to assist with the traditional YellowGreen and Black Belt training options (classroom and online).

The following courses are some of our most popular ones available as instructor-led or virtual classes from our staff, customized to align with your company and business needs. Rates are shown at the bottom of this page.

Lean Six Sigma Project CourseWork on an improvement project at your work, and receive instructor-led training, online training, and frequent online and face-to-face mentoring sessions. 100+
“Lean at Home” certificationFREE! Work on an improvement project that makes your life easier at home.2
Root Cause AnalysisLearn what is a root cause, why it is important, a problem solving process to follow to find the root cause, and a basic overview of many quality improvement tools to utilize throughout the problem solving process. Course includes a manufacturing and business process example. 4
Intro to StatisticsLearn about variation, mean, standard deviation, normal distribution properties, Z-scores, sampling, proportions, probabilities, confidence intervals, t-tests, hypothesis tests, p-values, Multi-Vari charts, and more. Utilizes sample problems with Minitab.4
Yellow Belt TrainingLearn about variation, mean, standard deviation, histograms, pareto charts, capability analysis, Gage R&R, control charts and Six Sigma8
Lean Six SigmaLearn what is Lean, what is Six Sigma (Golf and Six Sigma video), why they should be combined, 7 forms of waste, DMAICR model, basic Lean tools, basic quality tools, financial overview, and deployment strategy. This course is geared towards Leaders, managers and process support staff.4
Process OwnerGeared to individuals who own and are responsible for a business process. We will go through the steps needed to properly setup, manage and optimize your process to achieve customer satisfaction, minimize costs and waste, track and monitor results, and identify risks and prevent future issues. 4
Lean ThinkingLearn about how Lean is a mindset change, and what thoughts need to change first, before you can apply the tools. We’ll also cover the 7 forms of waste, Value Stream Mapping, Pull, Kanban, 5-S, One Piece Flow, Visual Controls, and more. Specific training on one tool can also be provided.8
Environmental Training for Six Sigma BeltsLearn how existing Green and Black Belts can incorporate environmental sustainability into their skill set, and successfully help their company “go green” by identifying the green wastes (water, air, solids, toxins, energy) and learning how the tools apply with specific examples from projects we’ve supported.4-16
Statistical Process Control (SPC)Learn about variation, mean, standard deviation, histograms, variable control charts (x-bar, individuals), attribute control charts (p, np, c, u), run rules (Nelson and Western Electric), capability indices (Cp and Cpk) and stability.4
Capability Analysis (Cpk/Ppk)Learn about calculations of short term (Cp and Cpk) and long term (Pp and Ppk) capability indices, normality, histograms, Minitab software, and capability for nonnormal distributions.4
Intro to MinitabLearn how to import/export data, create, manipulate, and restructure data, basic statistical analysis, such as basic charts, Histograms, Boxplots, Dotplots, Scatterplots, Tables, Measures of Central Tendency and Variation, Capability Analysis and more. Sample problems included.4
Key CharacteristicsLearn how to take Customer Requirements and flow them down into your process, and down to the supplier level. Customer didn’t give you any? We can also start with a list of customer requirements, and show you how to determine which ones should be ‘Key’. Class example uses a real-life part from your company to show how it is done.8
Design of Experiments OverviewLearn about DOE vs other approaches, interactions, the planning process, Full Factorial experiments, ANOVA and other basic experimental concepts. This course is geared to those with little to no DOE experience. In-class DOE exercise performed.4
Design of ExperimentsLearn about DOE vs other approaches, interactions, the planning process, Full Factorial experiments (2^k), ANOVA, Fractional Factorial (2^k-r), Response Surface Designs, center points and more advanced experimental concepts. This course is geared to those who will be planning, setting up, performing and analyzing DOE’s. Utilizes sample problems with Minitab. In-class catapult experiment performed.20
FMEALearn about Process and Design FMEAs, RPN’s and the Severity, Occurrence and Detection tables, key points for performing an FMEA, FMEA implementation process, and other topics related to FMEA’s. This course is designed to prepare individuals to perform FMEA’s on their processes. In-class example developed.4
Measurement System Analysis (MSA)Learn about measurement variation, specifically setting up, performing and analyzing Gage Repeatability and Reproducibility (R&R) studies, calibration, bias, linearity, consumer/producer risk (Type I and II error). Will also cover Attribute Gage R&R (Attribute Agreement Analysis). In-class exercises of Variable and Attribute Gage R&R’s will be performed utilizing sample problems with Minitab.4
Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP)Learn how to get your company ready for meeting the requirements of APQP, with specific training on Process Flow Diagrams, Design and Process FMEA, Control Plans, Capability studies, Gage Repeatability and Reproducibility (R&R) studies and more, in order to prepare you to successfully submit your PPAP documents. Examples will be completed with your actual processes and product. Training conforms to AIAG manual recommendations, and will be necessary reference material for the training. Now supporting the implementation of AS 9145 (APQP for the aerospace industry).4

Don’t see something you like, contact us and find out if we have it available. We can also adjust the length of time for each course, depending on the objectives of the training. We can customize any courses above with specific examples, terminology to meet your company, and modified topics based upon needs.

We can also take your company training material (related to topics we have expertise in), and teach the material for you (with some initial review/discussion of material). Have an international company, and looking to teach company materials in the US? Contact us for information on how we can help!

Online training courses and template downloads are also available in the eStore for those who would like to perform the training yourself.

How much will training cost?

Since we are an internet-based company, we are much less expensive than most companies, since we maintain a low overhead.

  • Full Day On-site Support – Contact us to let us know what you need help with, so we can give you a specific quote.
  • Remote/Online Assistance – Provide assistance via phone or internet in the following areas…
    • Manage improvement projects (reduce defects and scrap, improve business goals, reduce recurring expenses, etc)
    • Statistical analysis (data emailed to us, quote with estimated analysis time returned, approval received, summary report with comments sent back when complete)
    • Process improvement deployment strategy (how to get started, what to do next, mentoring/coaching leadership, etc)
    • Detailed consulting and advice over phone (Six Sigma/Lean tools and techniques, PPAP/APQP forms and tips)
  • Remote/Online Training – Provide 2 hours or less of training via web conferencing (extra charges if conferencing and phone service is provided by us). More than 2 hours at a time should be performed on-site, or split into smaller pieces (i.e a 4-hour class would need to be split into 2 hours over 2 days)

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Online training courses and template downloads are now available in the eStore >>>


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