Six Sigma Introduction Course (Yellow Belt)

Are you interested in learning and applying Six Sigma process improvement techniques to your job? Are you interested in becoming certified as a Yellow Belt?

Yellow Belts are the introductory level of Six Sigma training, for those wanting to learn the basics, without having to perform an improvement project.

We are launching a course with hands-on exercises to help you:

  • Learn more about the Six Sigma approach for process improvement
  • Learn tools that can help you be a better problem solver
  • Find out if a Six Sigma program would work for your organization
  • Get a strong foundation in Yellow Belt knowledge to obtain a certification
  • Learn new ways to teach these topics in your class or with your project teams (for experienced Green or Black Belts)

Course Expectations

This course has no pre-requisite. Ideal for inexperienced Six Sigma practitioners, those looking for a refresher on Six Sigma concepts, or experienced practitioners looking for exercises and new ways to teach these topics (slides and exercises available for use in your company!).

Useful for individual workers, managers, leaders and executives. All industries and businesses can benefit from these skills and project work, such as: Manufacturing, Software, Healthcare, Nonprofit, Office/Transactional, Human Resources, Environmental, Government Agencies, Sales/Marketing and many more.

If you are interested in learning more about Six Sigma, or are interested in eventually obtaining Six Sigma certification (Yellow Belt, Green Belt or Black Belt), then this course is applicable for you.

During the course, we will use Skittles® candy (Why Skittles?) to gather and analyze data.

Attendees will be given a Yellow Belt certificate of completion from BPI, and will have a strong foundation to obtain a Yellow Belt certification (not covering all of body of knowledge, only key tools)

Contact us if you have questions or concerns about the class being a good fit for you or your organization.

What is the agenda for the course?

  • Data Types (learn about defects, defectives, attribute, discrete, variable data from inspecting Skittles)
  • Basic Statistics (Skittles exercise – calculate mean, median, range, standard deviation)
  • Pareto Charts (Skittles exercise – create from piece colors and defect types)
  • Histograms (Skittles exercise – create from piece count from each bag)
  • Capability (Skittles exercise – calculate from upper and lower limits for piece count)
  • Gage R&R (Taste Test exercise – Can you tell the difference between water or soda?)
  • Control charts for attribute and variable data (Skittles exercise – create p-chart and Individuals chart)
    • Western Electric Out of Control Rules
  • Six Sigma Definition
    • Sigma Levels
  • DMAIC Overview
  • Q&A

On-site classes

We can also teach this class at your company for $2000 per class (for up to 30 people per class), plus travel and expenses. Contact us if you are interested in learning more about on-site training.


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