Auto Create PowerPoint Title Slides from Excel Template


Two files. 1) Use an Excel template to automatically create hundreds of PowerPoint Title Slides, and 2) Create many PPT slides from your template based on data from 5 columns in an Excel file.


Note: These files do not work on Mac computers, only PCs with Windows installed.

Want to automate the creation of numerous PowerPoint Title Slides?

In the first file, you can download our Excel macro templates that takes hundreds of rows of data in Excel, and automatically generates title slides in PowerPoint within seconds.

In the second file, you can add Excel data into existing Powerpoint templates, such as creating certificates from class attendees. You no longer have to manually copy and paste, or manually type into the slides each time. The Excel file allows you to custom insert 5 different columns of data. The more slides you need to create, the more time savings you will achieve!

“This worked great. I had 1402 names/addresses in 2 columns from excel that your file was able to convert for me.” – Stuart Reid

Product #1 – Creating Title Slides 

We created this tool because I was getting many more requests to run statistical analysis on more than one variable for a product or process. In some cases, I was analyzing hundreds of measurements, and I often use PowerPoint to summarize analysis reports. Each variable is assigned a separate title slide within Powerpoint, and it would take me hours to type them in, or copy and paste from our Excel file.

Now it takes only four simple steps:

  1. Open Excel template (XLSM) format
  2. Copy and paste your title header and subheader information into 1st and 2nd columns
  3. Click the “Generate PPT” button
  4. View auto-generated PowerPoint presentation

Product #2 – Creating Slides into Existing PPT Templates

We created this tool because we needed to create many certificates for some of our training classes. Instead of copying and pasting each student’s name into our Powerpoint certificate template. First, you’ll create your PPT template. Next, you will connect your template boxes to the columns in the Excel file. Next, insert student names, instructor name, certification date, course name and location into the Excel file. Next, select the PPT template you want to use and generate the slides. It will create a Powerpoint slide for each student and all the relevant data from the other columns. More detailed instructions are provided in the file.

Here are the major steps involved:

  1. Open Excel template (XLSM) format
  2. Copy and paste your information into the 5 columns (can use less than 5)
  3. Select your custom Powerpoint template with pre-assigned boxes (change “Alt Text” to match column names)
  4. Select the PPT template from your computer, and click the “Generate” button
  5. View generated PowerPoint slides

Note: These files do not work on Mac computers, only PCs with Windows installed.

NOTE: We get a lot of questions about whether it will work for you or not, so go ahead and order these files, and we’ll 100% refund you if it doesn’t meet your needs.

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