Lean Setup!® Time Reduction Kit (LSSK)


This two-hour Lean training simulation kit comes with 4 Lean Videos, and teaches you how to conduct a Setup reduction or SMED Kaizen event by making coffee more quickly with a team.


Setup time is everywhere!

Learn how to reduce setup times, get front line staff to buy-in to change, accelerate turn-around time to eliminate delays, and standardize shift start-ups and employee hand-off’s!

This two-hour Lean training kit comes with 3 Lean Video’s, and teaches you how to conduct a Setup reduction or SMED Kaizen event.

Also, learn how to:

  • operate a stop watch
  • conduct an observational study with a clipboard & excel study sheets
  • identify & time each task as Value, Essential or Non-Value added
  • work as a team to analyze and brainstorm lean solutions
  • separate internal vs external activity

What You get…The Bottom Line :

  • A hands-on training methodology and instruction. Thousands of people at all levels and various industries have used this proven methodology!
  • 1 to 3 hours of inexpensive & fun business training for 4 to 20 students
  • Ability to use everything in this kit during your next setup type Kaizen event (including excel tools, clipboards & stopwatches)!
  • A chance to make good coffee and learn!
  • A sturdy reusable kit that will outlast training your entire organization (as long as you buy extra coffee & creamer)
  • 20 minutes of phone support to get you going


“We reduced surgical room turnover time 75%, from 2.5 hours to 35 min”

“We reduced a machine’s changeover time 70%, from 20 to 6 hours (pineapple & drink can machines) and gained one month of annual capacity”



Key Product Features:

Optimal use: Conduct 2 to 5 simulations a year; teach Lean basic to advanced principles (see “Lessons” below); great for any industry and business including healthcare room changeovers, surgery changeovers, production machine setup/ changeover/ SMED, office/call center setups, bank retail setups, and more…

Class size: 4 to 20 students (optimal size = 8)

Lessons: Lean Setup/Changeover Reduction (incl. internal/external activity), Value Analysis (VA,NVA, ENVA), SMED, OEE, 5S, Time/ Observation Studies, Wastes, VOC, 2-person teamwork, and Operational Definition principles

# of simulations: 10 to 15 (limited by consumables)

Setup time: 20min
*Arranging room = 5min; Arranging roles = 5min; Describing simulation = 5min; Teaching roles = 5min

Run time:

  • Quick: 30min (small group, 1 simulation)

  • Comfortable: 1 to 2 hours (medium group, 2 simulations, video’s, long de-brief/teaching)

  • Maximum: 8+ hours (some customers use this kit across multiple days of training and inside their Lean Six Sigma Yellow, Green, Black and Master Black belt training programs)


Key Product Contents:

  • Lean simulation training roles for every participant

  • (10) color team cards to denote each team & supplies

  • Comprehensive trainer instructions to get you started immediately and confidently.  You can 100% customize this kit to fit your training program so just buy it and mold it to your style, outline, deliverables, etc.

  • A coffee maker (focal point of the simulation)

    ​     *If your business isn’t manufacturing, the coffee maker

           emulates your business process that you’re analyzing

           (healthcare surgery/room, office/call center desk,

           bank/other retail counter, etc.

  • Coffee making ingredients (special flavored coffee, creamer, filters)*You supply the water

  • (4) stopwatches, clip boards and calculators for the four teams to conduct Time/ Observation studies.  Also included is a fun “how to use a stopwatch exercise”.

  • (4) amazing video’s showing SMED, setup reduction, quick changeover, Operational Definition, and how to be a better process observer.

  • An on-line timer link to display overhead for all to see

  • Score Board instructions to record each team’s results of VA, NVA, ENVA, % of Internal & External setup activity

  • Blank Certificates of Completion that you can customize with your team photo or logo

  • Professional briefcase for easy transportation, organization and multiple use

  • Professional portfolio to organize your worksheets, instructions and certificates individually and neatly

Additional information

Weight184 oz
Dimensions18 × 14 × 6 in

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