Case Study

Converting Lean Six Sigma training booklets to digital to save trees and money

I led an effort at Rockwell Collins to transition our Lean Six Sigma training material from printed booklets to paperless. Each booklet was about 350 pages, and there were about 20 people per class.

After running the calculations and working through all the push back and resistance from students and instructors, it was determined we could save about $300 per class for booklets, and it would have a carbon impact equal to 80% of one tree per class.

This savings did not include labor for reproduction services or our time to coordinate and hand out booklets, color ink costs, or printer maintenance and storage space costs.

You can listen to my podcast episode from Nov 2018 about this project, and view the detailed calculations at

I also mentioned this project (among other topics) in an interview I gave to Ron Pereira of Gemba Academy


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