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Free Green and Black Belt training?

BMGi is one of the largest process improvement consulting companies around. I’ve had some friends attend training from them, and they have had positive comments about them.

Due to their size and reputation, I was a little surprised when they opened up a large amount of their online Lean and Six Sigma training for free.

At first I thought it would be some teaser videos on basic concepts only, and you had to pay for the really good stuff, like SPC, Design of Experiments, and DFSS. However, they have an entire Green Belt and Black Belt program you can take. Did I mention it was free?

We obviously can’t compete with that option, so instead we decided to make it easier to figure out which exact modules you should take.

Six Sigma certification is highly sought-after, yet very expensive to obtain. You can either attend a one or two week long course, or you can self-study for hours and hours, in order to pass the certification exam.

ASQ offers a Green Belt and Black Belt certification, if you meet the experience and project requirements.  Since ASQ has one of the more popular certification programs around, we decided to align the Green Belt body of knowledge to the BMGi online modules, so you can learn a majority of the content on the Green Belt exam for free, without taking every single module.

Here is the Green Belt Body of Knowledge, along with the links to BMGi’s free online training on that topic.


To learn more about Green and Black Belt certification, visit our website at https://www.biz-pi.com/green-belt/ and answer the questions, to determine if you are ready for the certification or not.

You might be wondering, “what’s in it for us”? Why would we promote another company’s training material instead of our own?

Learning about a topic is just the first step. After a class, you still need to translate the learning into something personal, that applies to the work you do today. That is where we come in. We can help translate the tools and help explain how they fit into your job or company. When you try and apply the training to your work and get stuck, we can help you out, and get you moving in the right direction. That is the value we can bring with our experience, which is more important than providing education and teaching.

It is much more rewarding for us to help you address a specific problem, than stand up in front of a room and talk about concepts and ideas that may not translate into something useful to you. Don’t get us wrong. Training is very important, but it’s what happens after the training where the real value and learning comes to fruition, and that’s where we want to be involved to help you out.

View the list of content you’ll need to know to get your Green Belt certification: https://www.biz-pi.com/free-six-sigma-green-belt-online-training-and-references/

If you want help studying for the ASQ exam, check out our helpful guide: 8 steps for passing the ASQ Six Sigma Green Belt or Black Belt exam


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