Simple Business Approach to Continuous Improvement

As we rolled out our Six Ideas to Improve Your Business Today, we got some feedback that businesses are looking to go to the next level, and are looking for an easy approach, without using Lean Sensei’s and Six Sigma Black Belts.

We continued with the theme of using layman’s terms, and got rid of the consultant “lingo”, to bring you an approach that anyone can use to better plan and prioritize their improvements.

We defined a 10-step approach. Here is a quick summary of those steps.

1) Gather customer complaints
2) Gather employee complaints
3) Review business finances
4) Determine top 3 issues
5) Determine importance of each issue
6) Get to root cause of each issue (using worksheet)
7) List potential solutions
8) Assign actions
9) Verify improvements
10) Communicate and celebrate (and go back to #1)

The process is simple, as you can see. Basically, a simple workbook that you can print out, fill out, and guide your business towards long term improvement. If you focus on the right things, this will either save you money, bring in more revenue/business, or both!

The best way to show you is to have you download an example form of how this form should be filled out. We used a small family restaurant as our case study.

Ready to begin filling out your own form? We have blank forms available for free download, including the Problem Solving Worksheet.

If you’d like to customize it with your own business logo, contact us and we’ll modify it for free.


Want to learn more about Lean and Six Sigma tools, and apply them to an improvement projects? Check out these low-cost online courses and certification programs



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